Pink Ribbon Cotton Print Diaper - for Ducks and Geese

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Pink Ribbon Cotton Print Diaper - for Ducks and Geese


Limited edition Pink Ribbon print diapers for breast cancer awareness month

Strap Color:
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This listing is for a custom sized Adult Duck or Goose diaper in your choice of Pink Ribbon Cotton Print and requires you to take your pet's measurements. 

See last photo for a diagram, there are 6 required measurements, all measurements MUST be provided at checkout or your order will be cancelled (cancellation fee will apply). 
A) Circumference of neck (all the way around the neck) above the crop
B) Oil gland down ONE SIDE to the vent
C) Back length from base of neck to oil gland
D) Belly length from base of neck (above the crop) to vent
E) Distance between legs
F) All the way around the body, just behind the legs
Use a soft tape measure, or hold a string or cord up to your pet and then lay it against a ruler. Please measure accurately - NO RETURNS on this item. 

Pick your pink ribbon cotton print for the pouch, and spandex strap colors. Monitors may display colors differently than they appear in person. If you have a question or need to match a color please request a sample here before ordering. 

Diaper liners must be changed immediately each time they are dirtied. An unchanged dirty diaper can cause harm and lead to disease.
Machine wash cold, in delicates bag
Line Dry


MAKE TIME: 1 week
SHIPPING: USPS First Class 3-5+ days
(USPS Priority 2-3 days and USPS Express 1-2 days available at checkout)

If you need your order faster, please send me a message to request a Rush Order at an additional fee


RETURN POLICY: Because of the combination of the nature of a diaper and the ease with which birds can carry/contract disease I CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS under any circumstance. I will not risk the health of my customers pets, or the health of my own pets, by taking returns or selling used diapers.
However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or trouble with your diaper. I will do everything I can within reason to work with you and your pet for the best fit and experience possible! Diaper design may vary slightly from photos but quality and overall look will remain; availability of fabric is subject to change without notice. Absorbent liners are not included.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an overwhelming number of orders received without measurements, if measurements are not included at checkout your order will be cancelled. A cancellation fee will apply.