Overflow ADD-ONs for Adult Duck and Goose Diapers

Overflow ADD-ONs for Adult Duck and Goose Diapers

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Does your pet pick at the belly of their diaper? Do you find that their diaper insert isn't quite holding all that liquid? We here at Sew Sammi have a few extra options for those extra special ducky needs! Check out our Overflow Add-On's for tough diaper jobs.

Add-On's for adult duck and goose diapers to help with liner picking and overnight leakage. 

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  1. Belly Extension - lengthen the belly portion of the poop pouch, supported by elastic edging around the legs for a snug fit. Excellent for "Poop Pocket Pickers" that like to stick their bill between their legs and pick at their liners. Also adds extra length for longer liner brands. May be useful for immobile birds who need more belly protection, and help with leaks for overnight diapering.

Leak Pocket - a waterproof pocket at the edge of the pouch to help catch liquid missed by your absorbent liner, preventing it from rolling over the edge and wetting the fabric outer layer of the diaper. A great options for pets with all day access to water who may have extra watery poop that might might not always fill their diaper, but soaks through or misses the liner. Also a useful for overnight diapering. 

Combine both the belly extension and leak pocket for ultra heavy-duty wear!

Please note that while overnight diapering can be done, it is *not* to be undertaken lightly. You can find more information on overnight diapering in our FAQ

****THIS IS AN ADD ON ONLY not the diaper********** If you purchase this listing and do NOT purchase a diaper in the same order, your order will immediately be cancelled and minus a 25% cancellation fee. If you have any questions at all, please ask BEFORE ordering.