Custom Diaper Care Kit

Custom Diaper Care Kit

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Custom Wash Bag with optional personalization and diaper care supplies

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Keep your diapers in great shape with our Care Kits! Our kit includes everything you need to ensure long lasting clean diapers. Our customized wash bags are fantastic for multiple pet households! Keep your pets' diapers separated in the wash with personalized bags so it's easy to tell which diaper belongs to who. Or just add a little flare to your pet's regular washing bags, it's a great way to store diaper supplies for travel or even keep things organized at home. 

  • Spare velcro loop - cover the hook mate while washing to prevent snags to your diaper fabric
  • Fashion mesh delicates washing bag w/optional personalization - keeps your diaper from tangling with anything else in the wash and helps prevents runs in the fabric
  • 1 (one) packet all natural pet safe Diaper Stripper - an ultra powerful detergent to remove lingering ammonia and mildew smells from diapers, bedding, blankets, and anything else your pet uses that can be machine washed (not a bleach)

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MAKE TIME: 1-2 weeks
SHIPPING TIME: USPS First Class 3-5 business days (2-3 day USPS Priority Mail upgrade available at check out)