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We offer hundreds of colors and patterns!
Monitors may display colors differently than they appear in person. If you have a question or need to match a color please request a sample here before ordering*. Looking for another print or color? Just send us a message to request something new!


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please measure as accurately as possible for the best fit*. Alterations are available by request. 

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Our diapers are used with an absorbent liner to collect your pet's waste. Liners can be made easily and inexpensively from toilet paper or paper towels - Sew Sammi's preferred method. Many of our customers also use disposable panty liners, men's leak guards, or small baby diapers cut in half. We also offer reusable liners for those interested in a greener option - or make your own with a piece of scrap fabric. Liners are not included with the purchase of your diaper.


Putting on the diaper:

How I put the diapers on; I like this method because it causes the least fumbling and pet squirming–
1. Place your absorbent liner of choice in the diaper
2. While standing, hold your standing bird between your legs head facing forward - this can be done on a
counter or table, but is not recommended until your pet is fully diaper trained to hold still during this
process. Pets can be seriously injured if they jump or fall off a high surface

3. Pull the neck strap over your pet’s head - if your pet does not allow you to do this, place your hand through the neck strap, then with that same hand, hold your pet's bill and slip the neck strap from your hand over their head
4. Pull the poop pouch down the belly and back between the bird’s legs
5. Let the bird walk forward and secure the tail straps over the tail
6. Buckle the back strap
7. Once the diaper is completely on, check that the diaper cup is covering the vent and adjust if needed
8. Enjoy your snuggle-ready feathered friend and clean house!

Check out our videos 


Changing the diaper:

Diaper liners should be changed each time they are soiled, as soon as possible
1. Ready your replacement absorbent insert
2. Bring the bird somewhere the floor can be easily cleaned like the bathroom
3. Unhook the tail strap and pull the poop pouch to the side
4. With a cooperative pet you can quickly remove the soiled insert, wipe the waterproof lining (if needed),
wipe any soiled vent feathers, and replace with a clean insert - all without completely removing the diaper.
5. Secure the tail straps back over the tail.
6. Check that the cup is covering the vent and adjust if needed

A quick wipe of the waterproof lining is usually sufficient, but if the outer diaper fabric becomes soiled or smelly
(usually necessary after a few wears, not more often than once daily) the whole diaper may need to be washed. I
use unscented baby wipes to wipe the inside of the diaper pouch and the bird’s bottom, but a wet or dry paper
towel is also a great option!

Prolonged wear can cause skin irritation. It’s always a good idea to give your pet a break from their
diaper, such as bath time or during play time outdoors. Change your pet’s diaper often. The large
cup is meant to hold poop away from the vent, but if left unchanged poop and noxious fumes can build up
and cause messy feathers, skin irritation, and feather rot. Due to the wet nature of waterfowl
droppings, clean the soiled vent feathers with every diaper change.



Our diaper materials are intended for long lasting wear. They are water safe and will not be harmed by splashing or washing.
Machine wash cold to preserve color
Wash in a delicates bag to protect fabric from pills and runs
Line dry to preserve elastic inegrity



MAKE TIME: 4 weeks
SHIPPING: USPS First Class 3-5+ days
(USPS Priority 2-3 days and USPS Express 1-2 days available at checkout)

If you need your order faster, please send us a message to request a Rush Order at an additional fee


Shipping & Returns                          Sew Sammi Policies

*All custom orders are non-refundable. Please measure accurately and ask any measurement or color questions you may have prior to placing your order
**Any order placed without the 6 required measurements will be canceled. All canceled orders regardless of reason for cancellation, will be subject to our Cancellation Policy and cancellation fee

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