Entering 2018

2017 has been a blast! We did our first full calendar year on our website and used the time to learn a lot. There have been a lot of kinks in the works and bumps in the road and we thank every single one of you for sticking with us while we re-learn the ropes of running our exciting little business. There's still lots to learn and in this new year we are looking forward to taking what we've learned and making improvements. Which will likely lead to new bumps to overcome! 

So - It's a new year again and Sew Sammi is looking forward to a whole year full of events and designs! 


We've got a re-vamped shipping station in our studio

A brand new sewing machine (that Sam is, very slowly, learning to love)

                                          Viking Em    erald 118

                                          Viking Emerald 118

Reorganized the fabrics, put everyone on hangers, and emptied that big ugly messy bag of straps to keep everything moving faster than ever!


We still have some studio organizing to do, a few shelves shuffle around, but the new 2018 studio set up is coming together nicely!

We had a fantastic holiday season with our friends and family and have dragged our feet a little getting back in to the swing of diapers while recovering from some of the nasty flu-like stuff going around.  


Due to our late start we are going to skip around a little bit this year. Our Valentine's themed diaper fabrics are back online HERE but we are skipping ahead preparing for a spring and summer events.


Sew Sammi

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