Etsy Store Update

If you were already a Sew Sammi customer, chances are you previously purchased through our Etsy store. With our new website we're better able to collect the detailed information needed for all our custom diapers and accessories to streamline your order processing with the ultimate goal of getting you your diapers even faster! With the first few weeks of our new shop running smoothly, we've decided to pull all of our custom diapers off of Etsy. We will still be offering all the same items for sale (and more!) that we did on Etsy on our new shop here on our website. 

We have taken down all the custom listings from Etsy, but we haven't quite finished all the new listings here on so if there's something you know we offer that you'd like to purchase and don't see the listing up for yet, please send us a message through our contact page here

While we aren't offering custom diapers through our Etsy store any longer, for now, our store will remain open with a few select Ready-to-Ship baby duck/goose diapers and Ready-to-Ship chicken diapers. If you have any questions about the changes please feel free to contact us through our contact page. We hope these new changes will be wonderful for everyone and help us get custom duck diapers out even faster! 

Sew Sammi

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