Tulle Accented Bow


Tulle Accented Bow

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Looking to jazz up your pet's style? Add a tulle accented bow!

Our regular bow, backed by your choice of tulle color pop. Pick up to 3 tulle colors.

Choose from 4 sizes, 3 styles, and all our spandex colors! Match your bow to your diaper or check out the color chart in the last photo to find the perfect color for your pet's outfit.

Snap On - This bow snaps right on to your pet's diaper harness! With a snap built right in to the back of the bow for easy connecting to any adult duck or goose diaper with costume snaps.

Hair Bow - Comes with one clear hair tie, best for ducks with crests, and one hair clip, for ducks with regular head feathers. Add a cute little bow to "top off" your pet! We suggest sticking to the size S - Remember, your pet is a prey animal and having some big heavy bright colored thing attached to their head could be very frightening. Bows are cute! But don't give your poor birdy heart attack just for cuteness =)

Bow Tie - comes with an elastic neck strap with a snap in your choice of black or white. Measure your pet's neck where you would like your bow tie to sit so we can make your strap just the right size.

Small (S) - 1 inch across
Medium (M) - 2 inches across
Large (L) - 3 inches across
JUMBO - 5 to 6 inches across

Want a different size? Send me a custom request and we can design a bow just right for you and your feathered friend!


MAKE TIME: 5-7 business days
SHIPPING: USPS First Class Mail 2-5 days


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the combination of the ease with which birds can carry/contract disease I CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS under any circumstance. I will not risk the health of my customers pets, or the health of my own pets, by taking returns into my shop.
However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or trouble with your order. I will do everything I can within reason to work with you and your pet for the best fit and experience possible! Bow design may vary slightly from photos but quality and overall look will remain; availability of fabric colors is subject to change without notice.