Sew Sammi - Protecting your home from the side effects of our feathered friends!

I'm the "Sam" in Sew Sammi and, with the help of my husband, we've created this little shop! 

In 2012 I got my first pair of chickens. I was immediately inspired to make pets of them, buying dog harnesses and finding them the perfect leash! I soon discovered the adorable Serama chicken, the smallest chicken breed in the world, and made a quick house pet of my adorable mini rooster. 
One day, visiting my local feed store, I was seduced by a tiny peeping Toulouse gosling. Home came Trina, the house goose.

As Trina grew, so did her diapering needs. After scouring the internet, and trying a few of the best diapers I could find, I just couldn't get anything to work quite right for us at a price that would allow Trina to have the wardrobe she deserved! So taking my basic knowledge of sewing and human cloth diapering design, I started to design my own diaper for Trina. Many weeks of designing later, I had a very basic prototype that seemed to work for us. After sharing my success and excitement with my online house duck and goose buddies over on, I started to get requests from fellow fowl lovers for my diapers. Before I knew it, I was running a small diaper operation through the chicken forum.

My goal is to offer every fowl keeper the best diaper I can imagine that is fully customizable and at an affordable price. Now my creations are inspired by my special needs duck, ChaCha, and our little backyard flock of chickens.